LegalShield turns “Lemon Laws” into Lemon Aid!

LegalShield turns “Lemon Laws” into Lemon Legal Aid!  If you’ve ever purchase a car that without the help of an attorney, here is the fix for that. Contract laws, state laws and federal laws need recognition. This is always done prior to signing. Get a LegalShield Membership and have the kind of legal insurance in your favor. Nothing is over when it comes to good representation, lawyering and most importantly the kind of access that people dream of. get LegalShield and never be without he legal muscle that could save headache, dollars and time.  While we can’t make promises, we will apprise you of your rights and then the remedy we feel that most suits the matter.  Hello and thank you for arriving at Blog, my personal Blog as an Independent Associate with Pre-Paid Legal now LegalShield(SM). Today is another story that happens multiple times through out North America to everyday people like you and me.

Read this  post directly from one of our many LegalShield members and see how having access to top attorneys nationwide can have a serious impact on the outcome of a legal issue. What would you do when the need arrives for you, your family or just someone you care about?   LegalShield offers a solution to everyday issues considered Life Events. So from now on, when you need us, we’re there. Look at what some of our members say and how we serve them for personal legal matters and business legal situations.

“I didn’t realize the power of our LegalShield plan until the day we needed legal assistance regarding our teenage daughter’s brand new automobile. She contacted our provider law firm because the dealership from whom she had purchased her car failed repeatedly to repair the same exact problem in a two-month time frame. [Provider Attorney] assured her that she was dealing with a “lemon” law situation. After our Provider instructed us on her rights we were amazed how often this happens and how many people fall victims to this process. They recommended a letter of our pursuit and the damages we would seek if no resolution according to the law was made.  Our LegalShield Attorney wrote a letter mailed directly to [the car manufacturer's] corporate headquarters. Five weeks later, arrangements were made to exchange her original car with a brand new 2004 model at the time. The “transfer of collateral” was handled through the dealership and cost her absolutely nothing!

I can’t thank you enough for empowering her with the legal tools of support as she works toward her independence to adulthood. We are a family of true believers in the Prepaid Legal Membership, Now LegalShield!”

Another LegalShield Member.

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